Welcome to FlowsFlows are a perfect tool to control the movement of tokens from one wallet to another. They are the most convenient method there is to manage subscription services, payments, salaries, rental, retainers and other transactions spanning longer time frames. Watch the movement in and out of wallets block by block, minute by minute.
Go With the Flow
Go With the FlowCreating a Flow is quick and easy. Once it's running, there's nothing more convenient. Let the Flow do the work for you, while you set, forget and focus on other things.
The Funding Never Stops
The Funding Never StopsOnce tokens are in a flow, they move into the recipient with every block, creating a smooth, continuous transition from sender to recipient.
Claim At Your Own Pace
Claim At Your Own PaceAccess flow’d tokens whenever you want from the convenience of your personal Portfolio page. Don't wait to get what's yours at some future point; claim when it suits YOU.
See The Value
See The ValueWhether you're managing expenses or watching revenue streams, Flows give you a real time view of your transactions, meaning no delayed surprises at the end of the month. Be on top of every transaction, all the time.