Welcome to IgnitionWelcome to the launch zone! This is where capital and ideas connect. A place where builders can raise funds to support their ideas and a chance for the public to get involved. Launch deals are designed primarily for use by Projects, Protocols, dApps and DAOs who want to use their treasury to generate funding and support.
Full control At Your Fingertips
Full control At Your FingertipsIgnition deals give the creator significant control over the deals they create, allowing a number of variables to be dialled into each deal’s objective.
Define The Audience
Define The AudienceReach new communities or reward your most loyal stakers. Deals can be open to the public or limited to a whitelist of your making. You decide who can or can’t participate.
Fine Tune The Flow
Fine Tune The FlowToken distribution to deal Takers is set by the deal Maker. Whether it’s fast or slow, short or long, linear or volatile, use multiple schedules to dictate the pace.
Maximise Your Reach
Maximise Your ReachSet a cap on how many Tokens a deal Taker can purchase to maximise your reach, or leave it limitless. Whichever option best suits your intent.
Reward The Worthy
Reward The WorthyCreate whitelists that include the people who want to succeed along with you. Choose criteria that reflects their engagement and ensure that they are rewarded for their participation.
Always Improving
Always ImprovingWe’re constantly iterating on our deal types, creating new ways to use them, adding additional features or adding new deal types. If you don’t see something you need, let us know and we can build it.!